❝ the scarlet ; the crimson night ❞ (thescarlet) wrote in uncrossedgrafix,
❝ the scarlet ; the crimson night ❞


OKAY guys. i feel like my dog in the icon. LJ has been a dumb goat for the past 2 and a half weeks and is not loading properly. we've already tried just about everything we could to try and fix this but alas! nothing has worked, save for changing my IP via a program.

but then when i do that, i have issues accessing other sites. :la


this icon comm is moving! I am now located at pastries @ dreamwidth.org.

sorry i haven't been posting lately, and then this suddenly pops up. :c

see y'all around!

note: for those who want to know, you can leave comments without a DW account by logging in through openID with your LJ info.

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